Detection of AED / defibrillators?

AEDs are popping up all over the place and the ones that are mounted to buildings all generally look very similar.

Is it possible mapillary could add defibrillators to the automatic detection so that people can improve the mapping of these life saving devices in their local area?

I manually framed more than a thousand AEDs on the pictures.
Then Mapillary deleted my work.

Did there used to be an ability to manually tag objects in mapillary?
I was looking at some old guides on AEDs but it didn’t seem possible


Hi @filipc - sorry to hear that. I’m guessing it must have happened a couple years ago during the migration to Meta infrastructure? That is before my time, but as I understand it there was a bit of a rush to migrate features to new servers and ensure privacy compliance, and as a result a fair amount of functionality that couldn’t be ported in time had to be dropped. Please accept our appologies.

Is there any way to collect images to help mapillary recognise more objects in the future?

Hi @timtimtomtim - we don’t currently have such a feature, but its something we’d love to consider in the future.