Cheapest good camera?

Hi guys!

I’m toying with the idea of purchasing a cheap camera to use on my bike and possibly when walking, what’s the cheapest one that’s worth the money?

I was looking at the Xiaomi/Yi ones, as it seems like some of you use them successfully. Are there any other suggested options?


I had a bit of work to get my YI360 camera operational for Mapillary. But I think it is a good camera with very nice and stable quality for Mapillary. When Mapillary finds the time to get this camera operational via their app I dare to say this is one of the best cameras for Mapillary!

It’s now for sale at Amazon for just $159 :astonished: ! (I bought half a year ago for $ 199)

Here an example (shot in MP4-interval mode)

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if you don’t need/want 360 imagery and prefer higher image quality, then most chinese cameras including yi/mi would work fine. Keep in mind that most of them don’t have gps, so you’d need to follow tutorials on how to sync images with a gpx track.
or you could get a (used) gopro 5/2018 with gps and fairly decent specs