[BUG] MapillaryJS filter not working with moveCloseTo

I have this filter set up, which works fine when clicking around in the “image pane” to go left, right, forwards or something like that.

var userkeys = ["XrmaDxUn1aNUHSDJxJLo3g", // eesger

                ["in", "userKey"].concat(userkeys),
                ["==", "fullPano", true],

But when I perform the action:

mly.moveCloseTo(lat, lon)

Then the filter does not work and I get results NOT matching my filter also!?

I now work around this with first doing a:


…and then loop through the returned data features and when t matches the users in my filter move to the first match…
I’m guessing the structure for “mly.moveCloseTo” is similar as to what I am doing… but I didn’t expect I needed to program this with the filter option set…

It appears I’m not the first: