Another new 360 camera: Insta360 launch new 'One' camera

@tankaru Has there been any fixes on the disadvantages since your November review, like Windows app 300 image batch limit and removal of metadata in the process?

Also interested to know how the latest firmware improvements like ‘flowstate’ will work?

Hi all,

Unfortunately, desktop app is still troublesome to me.
But I heard on facebook page that another user has no problem on batch exporting.
So I think my PC has some problem. I don’t know Insta360 desktop app has problem or not.

And it seems FlowState is not published yet. I will try it later.

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‘FlowState’ worked only on movie. It didn’t work on interval shooting.

Insta360one gyro still disturbs horizontal level badly while walking photo shooting…

Got the Insta360. App does not work with my Android Device, only bluetooth worked but this won’t let you to certain settings, so I needed to borrow an Iphone/Ipad. Once those settings were set, I could use it as standalone device and process the images on my pc with the Studio app.
I’m happy with the picture and video quality and stitching, way better than the LG360.
Gyro could be better but not too bad for Mapillary sequences. Batch stitching with Studio can be done with ~100 max. photos, above this amount the app crashes. Exif metadata is retained so that is improved. See some examples here:

Forget to mention that the shutter sound is awful, way too loud. It cannot be adjusted, only turned off but then every sound is turned off.

Do you have to do anything else apart from stitching? Is the gps metadata ok and retained?

The exif metadata does not include the location. I add the gps data after I have stitched the images with Javawa Fotogeotag, maybe the mapillary scripts can do such thing too but I haven’t tried that yet.

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Huh, that’s a lot of work for a £300 camera. I wonder if One X is any better with exif

I got one to play around, and it’s surprisingly well built for a start up hardware product. When exporting photos from the app to camera roll location exif seems to be retained (iOS pulls up the correct location for the photo), will need to see whether I can set it up to record and export this without being connected to a phone.
UPD: yep, can confirm it’s still quite useless when not physically connected to a phone: location icon on the phone is shown, but there is no gps info in the exif. Picture quality is meh

i got insta360 One recently
the timestamp is bad and with my android i do not find any way to set it correctly.

i ask the constructor but no answer …

Do you know how to set the correct datetime in the insta360 ONE ?

not sure how it works with android, maybe it syncs time with the phone?
you can try the time offset function when merging gpx data

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Unfortunately the old One only syncs while physically connected with a (supported) phone, which is a big bummer. The time on the device will be out of sync in no-time when not connected. And since I don’t have a phone that is supported I’m often not capable of contributing to Mapillary as I would like (I need to borrow an Iphone to reset the time).