70mai A800 - new Mapillary Camera

Hi, probably many of you already have seen the new upcoming dashcam from 70mai

What do you think about it, especially with respect to the blackVUE DR900S
Pricewise it’s a very attractive camera even with retail I can buy two of the A800 cameras for one DR900S

as with any kickstarter, there is a non-zero chance of this never being released

Thx, that was not the question. And as you may be know is 70mai a company already quite successful with also there other camera!

not sure what was your question? It seems decent on paper, however I couldn’t find any detailed GPS or CPU specs on the page.
Regardless, I think Mapillary are unlikely to offer the same level of support for it as for the Blackvue

The big problem in using a movie based recording system is that inter frame compression ends up as artefacts on extracted images. The artefacts are actually very large compared to the resolution so 4K isn’t actually a good sell point. In fact a “better codec” that yields smaller files/time actually has more artefacts than one that doesn’t compress as much.

When Mapillary modified the BlackVue firmware to record at a lower frame rate, the bit rate didn’t fall by a proportional amount. The resultant movie now has less artefacts and are noticeably sharper than the default 30FPS model firmware.

The tech specs for the 70mai are not very forthcoming in this area.