Write to internal memory

SGS5 Android app. In the settings I try to write to the internal memory, I make a new folder and I get the message “Mapillary cannot write to /data”
Where should I write ?


Could you please go into ‘Feed’ - ‘Settings’ and check ‘Write trace logs’
Then choose storage location as you did before to get the error.
When done please go into ‘Feed’ and choose ‘Send debug logs’ - this will send the logs tno us so we can look into the problem.
(Or if preferred you can fetch the logs from the device and attach here instead of sending)

Best regards

Does this mean you cannot reproduce the message on your Android ?
Are you sure it is an error ? I supposed I may not write on /data and was asking for a place where it is allowed. Android file system errors are too complicated to waste time on.
It is no real problem for me. I’ll buy a better smartphone and I was thinking about breaking the two seconds interval barrier by using the internal memory on the old smartphone.


Yes, that is correct. I cannot reproduce the error and sadly I’m not at all familiar (yet) with this part of the code :smile:

The most common performance problem is that the app uses the old Camera (legacy) API - if you aim for a new smartphone that supports Android 5+ you are likely to get a speed boost.

Best regareds