Where are the filters in the new Mapillary?

Can’t find any more the filter on the new User Interface. They are present on the legacy site all right.


The new filter box is out, and with style :slight_smile: Incredibly fast and accurate, congratulations to the Mapillary devs!


Is there a way to invert the (user) filter? Usecase: I want to see all images except the images which are created by me.

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I am afraid there is not (yet). Could you please tell us more about your use case ? Why would you like to see all images but yours ?

To show that he should be ambassador.

There are a lot af reasons why such a negative filter could be smart.
Contributors are normally specialised in a certain region and mapped almost all roads there.
If you then are interested in what other people have mapped in that regions, it is easier to see i you filter away yourself.
For the same reason it could be interesting to filter away other big contributors.

I want to discover activities done by new mappers in my region. Of course there is the leader board where I could easily identify new mappers but I want to see where and what they do. Sometimes I can help them to improve their image quality (for example self made CPL for reducing window reflections) or give them other tips. Although there is no direct builtin chat function (user to user), I typically know their nicknames from other nerdy stuff (like OSM, Freifunk, …).

At the moment more than 80% of the Mapillary images in my hometown (Münster (Westf.), Germany (by the way: through the new leader board I am not able to access stats for within this administrative border but only for residential areas. However I will open a github issue for that.)) are made by me. Another 10% of the imagery are done by a friend of mine. So it would be easier to filter out these two accounts instead of copying all the other usernames from the leader board into the filter mask.

Of course this feature is not very important but it would make Mapillary a bit more convenient to me.

Thank you, this is very good use case. @knikel is this feature feasible ?

@LeGrandBlond, @Harry, @descilla: This is a totally feasible feature. Adding this as a feature request and it’s being tracked here: https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/2229 The negative filter functionality is supported out of the box by mapbox-gl-js, so it’s a matter of prioritizing this and building the interface around it. Thanks folks for the feedback!

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Excellent, you rock guys :slight_smile: