upload_with_authentication VS upload_with_preprocessing

Hi all, so far I’ve uploaded images taken with my gopro using the upload_with_authentication.py script.

Lately I was wondering if I should be using the upload_with_preprocessing.py script. What are the thoughts out there and in which scenarios do you use either of the scripts?

I understand the script does add certain image operations before uploading. Is that correct or is it simply a kind of meta script combining other scripts?

I also notices that the upload_with_preprocessing.py requires more ‘credentials’ (environment variables) when uploading, why is that so?

@seb, Yes, upload_with_preprocessing.py is a meta script combining other (split sequence based on distances, remove duplicates etc.). It requires more credentials as it has to overwrite the Mapillary tag (where extra credentials are needed).

I see, thanks for clarifying.