Upload from camera roll

Sometimes (often) it is faster to invoke the camera from the lock screen to snap something on the go, with hot start meaning location data would be reasonably accurate. There is, however, no way to then upload this without going through the transfer to computer - upload workflow (I can barely work the web uploader on a computer, can’t imagine my phone handling it better).
Considering the mobile app already has functionality for position and compass correction, would it be possible to add camera roll integration for manual uploads?


following on from that, if the above was ever introduced, would also be great to have Mapillary as one of the options in the system-wide Share menu on iOS, allowing to upload from wherever

Just to clarify, the functionality for position/compass heading corrections has since been removed from the iOS app, for some reason

It was removed when we moved to the GPX format. It might come back at some point, wasn’t sure how many used it actually. Maybe a “normalize sequence” function would be more useful.

oh yeah, that’s when that happened. it was useful when compass headings are unreliable and the capture mode is not “always ahead”

In ordinary photography there is a trick with the fingers to show north and maybe other headings. But I forgot it.

i’d rather rely on the modern comforts of having a magnetometer in a phone