Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos


I saw a deer standing on a log:

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Maybe the so called thief was the owner :slight_smile:


I once tried to straighten a broken car antenna. People thought that I had broken it.


Old pink Ford Falcon Ute.
Obvious custom job driving by a young bloke in Port Pirie, South Australia.

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Big cherries.


It’s not every day you see a bear riding a bike.


Sting Ray


Is that a bone ?


Sorry, a sting ray, probably dead. Left stranded in the rocks as the tide went out. I didn’t get too close to confirm that it was dead. They’re not known for a attacking. BUt if you google their barb, you’ll see that you just don’t want to risk getting hit by one. With the pockets of water left behind I wasn’t entirely sure he had been stranded long enough to die.

Normally I don’t go walking through the rocks because I don’t want to fall and crack my skull. Coming across those suckers just gave me another reason to normally not do it.

What was interesting in mapping the beach there was a group of college kids showed up to measure some of the errorsion.


They’ve got a barb about 3/4th the way down their long tail. I don’t know if it’s technically bone or not. Either way it’s jagged, hard, very sharp and nasty. Normally if you step near them they’ll skirt away. Most of the time even if you step on them they’ll flee. It’s rare that they use it but they will.



Now I see the two eyes.
There is nog value to tag them in Mapillary. Even not as a fish.


hah… yes, why can’t we map the dead fish? :slight_smile: I love that you checked for tagging those, too.

I’d imagine when the tide came it it carried the dead ray back out for a feast for the scavengers.


For those not familiar with some well-known landmarks in the Atlanta area…I give you:

The Vortex (a restaurant).



Suddenly…a giant fish rises up out of the Atlanta scenery…


(I’ll try to go by and get a better sequence)

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Although it isn’t on any of the tourist maps, the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta is an impressive-looking set of buildings. The main building still looks nice, even after 116 years.



The Atlanta Pet Resort sign on the left…

I kinda want to know what led to that last line being added. But then again, I kinda don’t. :flushed:

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Because people like me would show up asking for a free belly run? :slight_smile:


@allen, actually, so would I! :joy:


A sighting that almost turned into a touching.


a close call!
(ps: the web ui navigation on that road is so broken)