Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos

Suddenly…a giant fish rises up out of the Atlanta scenery…


(I’ll try to go by and get a better sequence)

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Although it isn’t on any of the tourist maps, the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta is an impressive-looking set of buildings. The main building still looks nice, even after 116 years.


The Atlanta Pet Resort sign on the left…

I kinda want to know what led to that last line being added. But then again, I kinda don’t. :flushed:

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Because people like me would show up asking for a free belly run? :slight_smile:

@allen, actually, so would I! :joy:

A sighting that almost turned into a touching.


a close call!
(ps: the web ui navigation on that road is so broken)

On the right side of the road you can see the headstone for a single, solitary grave. I was curious, so I pulled onto the side road to take a look. Needam Rogers died on March 18, 1871. I did a little digging (no, not in the grave! on the Internets!), and found some info on Ancestry.com from people claiming to be descendants/relatives, who say that he was buried on his farm. I guess some time after that, the family sold the farm and moved, because his wife is buried in Alabama.


This crane on the road is recognised as several things.

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I was looking @jacktherippers post & saw this image it was on highway 411 between kingston & cartersville kinda want to know what happened here lol

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We may not want to know. :wink:

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He’s fleeing zombies. Or meth addicts. Same thing, really. :rofl:


A pigeon killed and thrown in the air by a speeding van.

reminds me of that gsv sequence going round lately, with a hare

This isn’t really unusual around here, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it so explicitly stated:

This one belongs to @skillsy
Not so unusual to see a snake in Australia, but pretty scary when it is a Tiger Snake and almost under your bicycle wheel.

Not terribly unusual, perhaps there is a separate thread for other imagery vehicles captured? :slight_smile:


haha nice catch. :slight_smile: There may be a separate thread but it seems appropriate enough here.

drunk people

girl seeing a smartphone photographing, covers her face

man looking for valuable artifacts

sadness overcame teens in the wrong place

attacking mosquitoes

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GPS doesn’t work in caves, but I did my best positioning all the images manually and I think SfM understood my work :wink:

Walk through the caves of Moidons (Jura France) !