SOLVED : Drag&drop to adjust geo-location? JOSM works best for me, after trial-and-error, GPXEV and GeoSetter are good alternatives

Past couple of days yielded way-off GPS-tracks, especially inner city. Wouldn’t have been problem when one could drop worst offenders in a web…er, drag to correct position. Google search offers suggestions, many of those for Apple, others discontinued or depending on IE (and some paid, where I don’t plan on paying for a way to correct something I’ll then contribute for free) ; then there’s the laborious option changing couple of digits in ExifTool, hope / see you hit a nail.

Least impractical, Basecamp imports pics, can move them around, but max. zoom too far out, pics clustered, hard to place.

Question : could forum members point to a sure-fire drag&drop way to adjust in the order of 200 pics w/o taking hours, please?

Looking forward, met vriendelijk groet, (Dutch for 'with friendly greeting),

Thank you for the quick reply ; advantages of JOSM include that it allows to zoom in all the way, and one can select familiar aerial imagery or a plan / proposal PDF ; disadvantage is the learning curve, which doesn’t connect seamlessly with - at least my - previous computing experience.
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If you have an inaccurate gpx file, you can fix it with an online service accessed by a web browser.

If you have a geotagged JPG file, you can modify it with GeoSetter(Windows app).

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Thank you for the two suggestions.
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That intimidating isn’t just ‘at first glance’, however, JOSM works very well and fast once you;ve read and actually follow what’s in the help and instruction files.

The recommended josm.jnlp with OpenWebStart installs and works painlessly - after some other options were tried. .

Could I somewhere vote a +1 for forum member @GITNE , please?

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Bet when you announce that such plug-in is possible, you will receive many “shut up and take my money/dev/fan-support” comments. If you have something ready to go and just temporarily lost interest/motivation - maybe just github it.