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Do you have any recommendation for GPS tracker apps (on either Android or iOS) to keep a log of the path you’ve walked/driven, which is particular suitable for Mapillary work, i.e. to tag images from, say GoPro action cam, which doesn’t have GPS?


I have tried GPX logger on Andriod and it seems to do the job although not the easiest app to work with IMO it does save the recordings in .gpx format.

Pretty easy to start and stop a “recording” and when you want to see that trail on the phone you press the three dots/map and then press the three dots again “File manager” to choose the GPX.

I usually use Osmtracker, but you can log with Oruxmap, Osmand too.

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i use osmAnd sometimes but mostly i use GPSLogger since you can start the app logging by sending an intent from Tasker. it also gives you the option to put all tracks recorded on the same day into a single gpx file, which makes it easier to reference if you are using the command line tools.

i use the Garmin Glo connected to my phone most of the time and whenever its turned on, Tasker detects that its nearby and then sends the intent to start logging.
you might be able to go the same thing with your GoPro if it uses bluetooth, or maybe wifi too. if not you can just add a shortcut to your homescreen so you can start logging without having to open the app

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On iOS, I’m using Galileo Pro, and testing TraceMyTrack.

GalileoPro is quite stable (meaning, it’s resilient to being shutdown while in background), but still crashes from distant time to time, leaving gaps in the recording.
TraceMyTrack is looking promising as it recovers from being shutdown while in background and keeps on recording.
I use both, and a Garmin Quest GPS (never crashes, but satellite reception is worse) to save tracks and later merge them before use. I use the tracks simply to geolocate my camera photos.
All Mapillary photos are taken with the app, so no problem there with location (except when Mapillary fails to fetch the location for the first few photos in a sequence and I need to add it manually…).

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Try MotionX-GPS (iOS), i have used it to other things then mapping and i like it. It doesn’t seem to have any problem to run in the background either.
iTunes: MotionX GPS

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На моих гаджетах точность gps неудовлетворительна, я использую garmin gpsmap 78.

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Thanks for the tip, Susan. I’ll check out the apps.


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I use OSMAnd. Can set the intervals for GPS logging and it’s a great app for other things too.

Just keep in mind that some power-saving settings on phones can stop the GPS logging. I have had quite a few situations where I though I had saved an hour of GPS tracks, only to discover just a few points were saved due the the power-saving feature on Samsung.

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If you use an external Bluetooth GNSS receiver with an Android device, you can use bluegnss4droid to log the nmea stream.

BTW: If you have some android/java skills, I need help to fix some bugs and release the app on fdroid.

I use “myTracks” on my iPhone for recording the GPX track

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