Question / Tipps and tricks

I am New here and have a few questions.
First of all, i uploaded a few pictures and now in my profile there is a text: Pending Photos: 167
What does that mean? The text is there since yesterday.

My next question is Do you guys have any tipps and tricks for a newbie?

Thank you,

Hi Karl-Fredrik, welcome to Mapillary!

All images you upload go through an automated processing before they are published. Faces and license plates are being blurred, and images are being matched to existing nearby images to generate smooth transitions.

After the processing is finished, your photos will start appearing on the map.

There are many resources with tips for taking good photos, just search “tips” on this forum. Personally I am very relaxed about it and say as long as you manage to capture something that was not on Mapillary before, it’s a valuable contribution. :blush::+1: