Private imagery for everybody for free?

Since payed subscriptions have been phased out with the Facebook merger, does that mean that private imagery is available to everybody?

If so, I am wondering if normal contributors have to contribute to an organization in order to enable private imagery for them or can they upload private imagery solely for themselves?

A broader question in this context might be; is private imagery still available as a service on Mapillary?

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@GITNE private imagery is not a service we are offering anymore.

We have very limited support for some organisations that still require it, but we’re not accepting new private imagery requests. Our focus is on public imagery that helps to improve maps.

[…] we’re not accepting new private imagery requests.

Alright, thank you for the clarification. However, imho this outcome is a bit unfortunate because I can image a bunch of scenarios where having private or special interest imagery might still be useful, like capturing road surface quality exclusively or creating inventories. I can think of even more categories which may be of special interest yet could be made public too (or could be of public interest as well).

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There are many scenarios where private imagery is helpful, but all companies need to focus somewhere. We’ve determined that public imagery is our focus and our engineering resources can be best utilised by concentrating on this area.

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