Point clouds, are they coming back?

Back in late 2016 we were able to view this amazing thing called Point Clouds (sort of a 3d rendering), sadly as far as i know they are no longer visible to the public.

Is there any plans on bringing this back? I would love to show a friend a well mapped area that they might be intersted in with the point clouds and mabye in the progress get them to join Mapillary.


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Hey @mojmoj – We are working on point cloud support in the viewer and will be able to add this feature back after that, so it is on the horizon. :slight_smile:


That’s cool to hear, thank you @Brenna

i used to love looking at the point clouds in photosynth, hours of fun!


none (((

how to upload LIDAR data?

That would be really cool if Mapillary implemented a way to upload LIDAR.

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Any news on this topic?

ha yea LIDAR would be great. you could mapillary after the sun goes down, or when its raining. or you could drive facing the sun without having to worry about dark photos.
too bad you’d have to sell your house to buy one though

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there are some cheap ones on chinese shopping sites, but obviously the resolution is like the early 360 cameras - useless


none (((

Are there any updates about this topic? If there was already a feature a while ago, why has it been disabled then?

None (((