Picture orientation problem

@JackTheRipper sure - will get these done. Hopefully, they won’t be refusing rotation like the one above :smiley:

Here’s another:


@katrin all of this sequence seems to be rotated: https://www.mapillary.com/app/?pKey=5l41RrEK7K-6BT-xcXcIpg&focus=photo&lat=55.33296329999999&lng=10.794727800000004&z=17
and this

Thanks, will rotate.

Hi there,
we are having trouble with the preview rotation on different devices. I switched it off in this test build: http://android-releases.mapillary.io/Mapillary_Android_3.45-SNAPSHOT1.apk and would like to confirm with you that the pictures and correctly taken, and the preview is working (even though the text in 180 degrees is not rotated right now). I just want to fix the issue and then take another stab at actually letting Android rotate the window (to get the status bar at the top) and then rotate the preview (to get it back from upside down after that rotation).



I could not find an option to rotate photos within the app. Please can you rotate these sequences?



I could not insert more than 2 links in a single post. Here there’s another sequence: https://www.mapillary.com/app/user/pere?pKey=ZziRimlgB6x7W2KQ3pxFdQ

@katrin please let me know if there is a way to rotate them

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@pere thanks! You can’t rotate them yourself at the moment but I’ve submitted the request and they should be corrected soon.

The mapillary staff would save themselves some work if people could rotate pictures themselves :slight_smile: I guess… :slight_smile:


Exactly, we are just needing to get that UI out!

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Cool thanks!

Please let now when the UI update happens, now I need to rotate 2 (pKey=Tj-Av4VTGJx_Kul6CSLCQA & pKey=cPk486xJ3rAmaFc0DbbgGw)


@pere I rotated these for you, too, should see them correctly soon.

We’re trying to work out the best way to approach this. It’s true that it doesn’t scale to have our team do the rotations for everyone. So unless it’s urgent, we will appreciate if you can wait some more.

But also will be most grateful if when you do request rotations from us, you provide the sequence key instead of the image key (unless it is actually only a single photo rotated in a sequence). Then we can help you faster.

And thanks to everyone who is affected by this for your patience!

Sequence cINXa5xm3k9v8lMvf5dpcA needs rotation too…

Edit: @katrin

Thanks - should be corrected soon.

Any chance to rotate photos from my 2 sequences? @katrin


Photos made by newest version of Mapillary at that time (about few versions ago before stray photos and picture orientation fixes). On the photos: newly opened expressway in Cracow, Poland.

@symz thanks - I will get these corrected. Looks like you haven’t captured after that? Would be great if you can update to the latest (3.67 right now) and make a test whether it turns out upside down again.

Thank you @katrin

I made also this sequence 30 minutes before the 2 previous ones and it was OK:

I will check the newest version and keep you informed of errors if found any.

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Thanks! @symz when testing, please turn on the “Save debug logs to file” in the settings, developer section as well, and if you manage to replicate the rotation issue, please send the logs to us from the left-hand menu. Which device do you have?