OBDii GPS functionality

Hello All,
First let me apologize if this is the incorrect forum for this type of question but I am hitting a wall with options for support.
I am a Scooter assembler and importer in Hawaii. Scooters are a very large part of our islands transportation. I have made a deal with the local district rep for T-Mobile to buy bulk SyncUp drive hotspot/gps units which are designed to plug into a standard vehicle’s OBDii port; which I do not utilize on my scooters. T-Mobile has made an agreement with ZTE the SyncUp drives manufacture to handle all support for the SyncUp drive so ZTE will not help me and T-Mobile support can only assist with simple or basic questions.
In any case the T-Mobile’s rep sent me an OBDii to three bare wires connector cable and said they might help (no guarantees or instructions). I have search for other hard wire vehicle gps units and they seem to connect to the OBDii pins 4, 5, & 16. With that as a starting point I have wired to my batteries positive, negative and an ignition switched headlight wire.
The device powers on and I can see where the vehicle is located when first synced. When I turn on my scooter the WiFi hotspot turns on and starts working perfectly. When checking the SyncUp Drive app I see the vehicle is currently connected, the battery level is displayed and scooter is in §ark Mode. This makes it seem like I teleport from position A to position B without engaging the (D)rive mode and bread crumbs routing map. I do get notification alerts if the scooter is shaken i.e. moved and also I get emergency Vehicle is being Towed warnings if I tow the vehicle but not when I am actually driving. How could it know I am driving or being towed without leaving §ark mode, no idea but it does. Device also supports Geo fences and does send warnings when the vehicle is leaving an authorized area (While in §ark mode).
I have seen some really in-depth OBDii responses on some questions on this forum. Can anyone tell me what type of signal a standard OBDii from a car would emit on which pin when a vehicle shifts to Drive?
I have this device so close to working and have many customers already waiting for the outcome of my research. Please help. While in §ark mode the device is scheduled to only report gps every few hours or so. I need to have the drive mode engage so that the gps is accurate to the minute and the bread crumbs are important to some parents.

I don’t have much familiarity with OBDII. From what I’ve seen, I suspect you’re going to need to find that for the scooter you have, not just any vehicle. Maybe I’m overlooking something things but a lot of it seems to be different not only by manufacturer ( aka make ) and model.

Hi am actually working with T-Mobile here on my small island. We have a large scooter population out here. T-Mobile has asked me to install their GPS’ in customers scooters if I can properly engage the (D)rive Mode on the GPS. T-Mobile carries a GPS made by ZTE called a SyncUp Drive which works in most cars and trucks make/ models OBDii port. T-Mobiles agreement with ZTE prevents ZTE from supporting the exclusive TMO product in any way to end users and TMO only knows basic support information on the software side but is ignorant of how the actual hardware works. I was thinking if it works simply by plugging it into ANY car/ truck there must be a standardized output for signaling the (D)rive mode has begun. I just need to identify what the shift into drive normally does as far as OBDii port’s signals. I have hard wired the GPS directly to my vehicles. Currently I can power the GPS on, I can see the vehicles battery strength, I am alerted if the vehicle falls/crashes, is towed, leaves a Geo fense, the WiFi hotspot is only enabled when I power on the vehicle( ignition status sensing is working) and I can see where the vehicle is currently parked.
The problem is the vehicle always shows up in the §arked mode. It seems to teleport from location A to B magically without leaving bread crumbs. To enable the bread crumbs(driving routes) I believe I need to tell the GPS that I am leaving §ark mode and beginning (D)rive mode. Any idea what standardised signal cars and trucks generate when in Drive? What voltage signal on which of the 16 pins?

I am so close to understanding how to hard wire these GPS’. Can anyone help?

sorry your forum is seeing an ascii code when I try to write ( P ) ARK mode §ARK mode.