Mapillary tools not working?

Taking pictures with the Yi-Cam I have to add a track. Mapillary only accept the lagacy_cam track, I don not know why.
I use two cameras for 0° and 270° so i have to use two tracks, otherwise it will become a mess.
So I tried the mapillary tools to set the angel ° and 270° to the pictures.
.\mapillary_tools process --import_path " " --verbose --user_name wegavision --offset_angle -90 --use_gps_start_time
The tool produces 11 log-files for every picture:3 of them are not empty.
“MAPCompassHeading”: {
“TrueHeading”: 270.0,
“MagneticHeading”: 270.0
“MAPLatitude”: 49.374453690006575,
“MAPAltitude”: 142.0,
“MAPLongitude”: 8.44748345998261,
“MAPCaptureTime”: “2019_06_27_14_14_27_000”
“MAPDeviceModel”: “YDXJ 1”,
“MAPDeviceMake”: “XIAOYI”,
“MAPOrientation”: 1,
“MAPMetaTags”: {
“strings”: [
“value”: “0.5.0”,
“key”: “mapillary_tools_version”
“MAPCaptureTime”: “2019_06_27_14_14_27_000”,
“MAPSequenceUUID”: “59865718-c8de-47dd-ae11-da1b217dab94”,
“MAPCompassHeading”: {
“TrueHeading”: 270.0,
“MagneticHeading”: 270.0
So reading 270 I was happy. But on the map the viewing is still straight on.

Windows X + Android

Ok, have seen your post in the openstreetmap/germany forum first. The difference to your command here would be the --overwrite_EXIF_direction_tag option.
Geosetter shows the correct direction only when using this option, as it is reading the EXIF-tags.
In the log-files from the mapillary-tools mapillary_image_description.json shows the changed direction in the MAPCompassHeading, geotag_process.json shows the unchanged.
Have to test the upload myself, but need to take some pictures for this.

I tested it in different ways:
not working
In the second time I didn’t use the LEGACY_CAM.gpx

Just tested this commands:

exiftool -overwrite_original -geotag "path_to_gpx_files/*.gpx" -geosync="time_difference" path_to_pictures
mapillary_tools process --advanced --import_path "path_to_pictures" --user_name username --interpolate_direction --offset_angle "offset" --overwrite_EXIF_direction_tag
mapillary_tools upload --import_path "path_to_pictures"

The upload went fine and the directions seem to be ok.

Some notes:

  • “path_to_gpx_files/*.gpx” will not work when using two gpx-tracks covering the same time period. Then you have to refer to the exact file corresponding to path_to_pictures
  • I don’t mix syncronising location and interpolating direction in one command. After syncronising locations i check the locations with Geosetter and run the command again whith another time_difference when needed.
  • After direction interpolating with angle offset i check again with Geosetter. Geosetter reads the direction from the EXIF. I don’t know if Mapillary uses the EXIF or the mapillary_image_description.json for internal processing. Whith the older python scripts it was the EXIF, as no other information was given. I will test there further.
  • For this thest i did not check for duplicates. With my old scripts i do this between syncronising location and interpolating the direction.