Map the Paths Image / Video Processor and Uploader for Mapillary

Hi everyone!

Trek View makes maps of the natural world and uses computer vision to help better understand it (health of trees, classification of trees, accessibility of footpaths, etc).

Mapillary is a useful tool to promote our work (thanks team!). But like every bit of software, there’s always short comings for individual use-cases, including ours.

Hence, we built a custom uploader and sequence manager for our captures (though it will work for any type of outdoor map captures).

In short it,

  • Adds context to manage your sequences (give it a title, description, transport type used to capture)
  • Performs local object detection’s (to automatically tag images for search)
  • Allow you to use video files for upload (will extract GPS telemetry and split video into jpg frames)
  • Lets you modify / add GPS track in case of no telemetry (useful for when using high precision GPS receiver)
  • Modify heading / pitch information
  • Add custom nadir (if image = equirectangular)
  • And finally, upload to Mapillary (thanks again Mapillary for opening up the upload API!)

It’s modularised (e.g for adding new cameras / data standards) and all open-source too (for any devs out there).

Want to know more? Here’s some mock ups we used to design the app:

If you want to test an early version or have feedback about what’s missing from the uploader after reading the docs, drop me an email using the address on the first slide.