Is there any disadvantage to using the Windows Phone app?

I’m using the windows phone app, which I don’t think has been updated for a while. Is there any disadvantage to using it compared to the Android or iPhone apps?

@toby, I think you kind of said it… It doesn’t get regular updates because we’re not developing it in-house. This is an open source initiative from our community. Here is the repository on GitHub - looks quiet for almost a year now.

So the main disadvantage would perhaps be that if you have issues with capturing and uploading photos then there is no immediate support compared to the Android and iOS apps. Have you tried, how is it working for you right now?

I am using the WP app too with a Lumia 930. First impression was quite good and it worked as it should. But power consumption is waaay too big. So it’s impossible to capture long tracks when mobile is not connected to power supply and unfortunately my bike has none :wink: (It’s quite strange: my mobile was fully charged and the longest track I was able to capture was less than 5 mins, then the phone always shuts down. After reboot the phone was on 80% battery! Anybody with same experience? Any hints?)

I’m using a Lumia 640. Not had any issues like you, get 1-2 hours of capturing before the battery goes.

Maybe the device was overheating?