How to check if an image has being uploaded or not

Hi, I was wondering if there was a method to figure out which images (or sequences) has and hasn’t being uploaded yet. More precisely, I’m asking this because I’ll be on the move in the near future and I’ll be taking my GoPro and my Mac with me on the go. And due to storage limit and unpredictable internet speed, I would like to delete the images on my Mac that has being finished uploading, freeing up more space to import the images from the SD card of my GoPro , so that I could upload the images in different times of the day throughout the trip.

Note that I’m quite comfortable dealing with CLI and programming, so I don’t mind if the method is a bit complicated.

At the moment the command line tools creates a .mapillary sub structure for each image with its status. A “flag file” named something like “uploaded-xxx” is created. It should be fairly easy to write something with “find” and “grep” to display the upload status.

I think there is also a “–move_uploaded” command line argument that may help.

Thanks, I believe that did the trick.