HDRP Post Processing multiple camera issue

Goal: To have post processing effects affect only one camera.

Steps done so far:
Create 2 projects. One for HDRP and one for normal.
In each project, do the following

  1. Make a scene with spheres meshes in the default layer and the capsule meshes in a layer named “New”
  2. Create an additional camera(Camera 2). Set its depth to 1. The default main camera(Camera 1) has depth -1.
  3. Set Camera 2 culling mask to only render “New” Layer with the capsules.

i. Set Camera 2 ‘Clear mode’ to None and ‘Clear Depth’ to true for the HDRP project.
ii. Set Camera 2 “Clear flags” to “Depth only” for the Normal project.​

  1. Set Camera 1 culling mask to render every layer except “New” layer.
  2. Create a post processing effect with Depth of field.(Chosen randomly)
  3. Create Post processing volume and set isGlobal to true.
  4. Add Post Processing Layer to Camera 1.

Result: From the screenshots below, you can see that Normal project applies the post processing to Camera 1 correctly where as HDRP project does not apply the post processing to Camera 1 at all.