Feature request: add captured but not uploaded tracks

All currently uploaded tracks show up as green lines. It would be great to show your local captured lines, perhaps in a different color. This way when mapping a neighborhood or larger area you can see where you’ve been and where you still need to go.

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I use the tracks of OSMAND for that.
The current track and the saved tracks can be in different colours. It is just difficult to find how to do that in OSMAND.

You can turn on and off if you see all the uploads or just your own.

Hi Allen -
Thanks for the reply but I don’t think I explained sufficiently. I would assume this is a common use case I’m experiencing so I’ll try to explain better.

While I’m capturing images/tracks within the mobile app, there is no indication of where I’ve been until I upload the data. This can be bothersome on capturing sessions lasting >45mins because it’s difficult to remember all the streets you’ve been, especially if you are trying to capture both directions. Below is a common example I experience, notice the streets circled in red.

I’ve missed those and now must go back out to complete.

Openstreetcam (OSC) draws a thin block line while so you know where you’ve been an not been. My current solution is similar to @filipc in that I also use a 7" tablet with some other GPS program running to plot my tracks as I capture. This is used as a real-time route planner to see what was captured and what was not captured. It “works” but it seems like a valuable feature to do as OSC does. I can’t be the only person who has this issue… maybe there are just better solutions I haven’t discovered, anyone??

Going off @filipc’s point, you can kind of use OSMAnd for this, but obviously you’d have Mapillary in the background then (or use a different device). OSMAnd has a Mapillary layer available that will show you the currently uploaded tracks, and if you record a GPS track at the same time, you’ll have that line marking on top of the Mapillary data.

Caveats: the Mapillary layer requires a data/wifi connection. The layer is also slow to load and very busy on the screen at higher zooms. Also, the GPS tracking capabilities of OSMAnd are not super intuitive, and also can buggily jump locations if you switch apps.

But for now this might work until (if) Mapillary adds it.

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HI, thanks for the reply.
I think you are correct. I just got back from a capturing session and used the OSMAnd. I actually quite enjoyed it. I loaded OSMAnd on a 7" tablet without data connection and continued to use my S8+ with Mapillary. I liked it b/c the 7" is a bit bigger and easier to see and it took some processing load off the device taking the image.
OSMAnd has a plugin that shows Mapillary traces and another that allows you to take a .gpx trace.

This accomplished my need to see existing Mapillary sequences (in green) as well as where my current session (in red as a new .gpx trace). I think this will be my new setup for a while. thanks
Go Team!

No Mapillary layer in OSMand for IOS in case others are looking. Also no plugin that I can find.

On the other hand, no osmand dashcam pluging for Android :frowning:

Here a picture of current, past and Mapillary tracks.

I found it easier to upload pictures to the Mapillary Wordlwide Facebook group, but now that has become more complicated.

App seems to be slightly better at showing the sequences in the current capturing session - but now the map (while capturing) does not show previous traces/images at all.
Reported at [bugreport] previous sequences not visible in capture map .

osmand for ios also has the mapillary plugin now, but performs so so

On Android also so so…