Drag&drop to adjust geo-location? [Leaning towards the JOSM solution - once upload to Mpy works ; other two good alternatives]

Past couple of days yielded way-off GPS-tracks, especially inner city. Wouldn’t have been problem when one could drop worst offenders in a web…er, drag to correct position. Google search offers suggestions, many of those for Apple, others discontinued or depending on IE (and some paid, where I don’t plan on paying for a way to correct something I’ll then contribute for free) ; then there’s the laborious option changing couple of digits in ExifTool, hope / see you hit a nail.

Least impractical, Basecamp imports pics, can move them around, but max. zoom too far out, pics clustered, hard to place.

Question : could forum members point to a sure-fire drag&drop way to adjust in the order of 200 pics w/o taking hours, please?

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You may want to give JOSM with photoadjust and photo_geotagging plug‑ins a try. It’s free (as in free of charge and free in freedom) and open‑source software. And, above all, it works. All you need to do is just some clicking.

Question : could forum members point to a sure-fire drag&drop way to adjust in the order of 200 pics w/o taking hours, please?

FYI: It is always going to take hours because it is :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:manual labor :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:.

Btw, months ago I have started to implement a special plug‑in exactly for this purpose. This plug‑in would have been even easier to use and would have had suitable automation for creating nice sequences with just a handful of clicks. However, since the FB takeover, my enthusiasm for it has cooled down to 0.

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Thank you for the quick reply ; advantages of JOSM include that it allows to zoom in all the way, and one can select familiar aerial imagery or a plan / proposal PDF ; disadvantage is the learning curve, which doesn’t connect seamlessly with - at least my - previous computing experience.
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disadvantage is the learning curve

I would argue that the learning curve is actually rather managable. The obvious problem with JOSM is that it looks a bit intimidating at first glance. But, once you actually start reading JOSM’s UI you quickly get the jist. Anyway, I think it is worth a try for any serious contributor who wants to correct at least a few outliers. :wink: Well, it still is a lot easier and more efficient to use than any CLI tool for novice users.

If you have an inaccurate gpx file, you can fix it with an online service accessed by a web browser.

If you have a geotagged JPG file, you can modify it with GeoSetter(Windows app).

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Thank you for the two suggestions.
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