Desktop uploader. Simultaneous uploads

Is it possible to do two desktop uploads simultaneously with one user id on two computers ?
I would use one computer on wifi and the other on utp.

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I have done it with mapillary_tools, which AFAIK is called by the desktop uploader. It seemed to work without fault.

All my images are processed on one computer and uploaded from another too. The only problem I ever had with that were the changes to the server auth code.

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I’ll try to remember to test this at home

I dare not try it yet. Everytime I think about telling the world that the desktop uploader works well, then it stalls.


Slightly related…

I process separately from uploading because of Internet access costs. If I were to upload a days take (20GB approx) it would cost roughly USD100-150 because I am permanently mobile using a UMTS or LTE phone connection. I have an arrangement with a business that has 1TB per month allocation to periodically place a hard disk on one of their Linux machines which I remote to and run the upload part of the tools.

I have also found that running two instances of “process” finishes the task in about half the time on a multi processor machine (eg an i5 or i7). That is important to me as it reduces energy consumption.

Hey guys. @filipc This shouldn’t be an issue. You should be able to upload simultaneously without interference. Let me know if you hit any roadblocks, though!

It works with two computers and one userid.
But I had the occasional big troubles again before it worked.