Desktop uploader 2.0.3 first impression

Win 10 64 bit i3 3110 2.40 no software running.
896 images 2083 MB
Starting preparing upload 6 minutes to count up bar and the bar takes 2 minutes
Need still to click upload button (so overnight will not work)
Upload in 3 sequence (new screen item ?) takes 25 minutes
The hole process takes +_ 40 minutes.
On the map I see three views in processing (think the 3 sequences)

  • Question: desktop uploader
  • can it work with folders nested ? before no …
  • Gopro 7 black put in one folder max 999 images if I put all my images in to one folder can the upload handle this amount of images…(14 X 999= almost 14 000)
  • rough estimate in time: folders 14 x 8’ preparing time ?= 2 hours (112 minutes)
  • waiting for the upload click…
  • 999 in 30’…folders 14 X 30 minutes = 7 hours …
  • the whole process 9 hours …pc unavailable

I can answer a couple of those questions re GoPro 7Blacks…

  • Yes, nested folders work

  • Yes, 1,000s of images will work - I regularly upload 10-15,000 at a time in nested folders

  • You also need to press the ‘Interpolate images’ so each image looks at the next in the sequence as GoPro does not have compass heading

You can only access it after selecting the folder… and starting preparing ?
Standard it on 0° so only click “apply”

In my case I am running two cameras, also taking photos at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. I am still trying to figure out if the interpolation AND the 90 degree offset can occur in one step simply by setting the 90 degrees and pressing ‘apply’ OR do you press interpolate first, let it update, then set the 90 degrees and apply?

I will do a smaller test today.

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It will useful to know, please share the result.
Also there is a bug in application, after apply this interpolation button, markers on the photos stay on the Nord direction, it is impossible to check how it looks. Do you know if Mapillary has issue tracker available for users or is it only this forum?

@zufir Interpolation and the offset work independently.

The interpolation works (its a button in its own right) and after processing shows the correct field of view on the images. If you then apply an offset, by setting a number and pressing ‘Apply’ (like I need to for the 90 degree camera), then it fails and just resets the field of view to the exact compass offset. I dont think this is how its meant to operate - I have raised the issue.

The only way to report issues is via the

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