Current Processing delay?

@Eric_S We’ve reimported these sequences and these sequences are back to your feed. Thanks for your patience and understanding

It seems that the processing is stuck again. Sequences from 2022-02-19 are only partially processed, later sequences completely missing, worldwide.

see the same behaviour. since 22.02 stuck in queue

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We were experiencing processing delay starting from 18th of February 2022. Our pipeline has caught up with processing as usual. Please let me know if your sequences are not published yet @eserte @chuck.

Wouldn’t wish to contradict any of the above; however, a sequence uploaded early on Thu. 24 Feb is already visible Fri. 25 afternoon : under 36h later seems ‘soon enough’ to add to and amend OpenStreetMap?

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’),

@asturksever Confirmed, processing seems to be again at normal speed.

I still don’t see my sequences between June 19 and November 20. Although, you may see sequences between July 25 and August 1st, I just uploaded them and they don’t correspond to my request.

@filipc It seems sequences are already on OSM iD editor as well

Is there no one this weekend to turn the crank ?

The newspapers were quicker and I forgot whether there is a diaper change.

@filipc Processing pipeline is stable and there is no reported incident over weekend. Do you have delayed sequences?

Not especially. But I cannot remember on monday what happened on friday.

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There’s a discrepancy between the API results (currently yesterday’s sequences are already available) and what is displayed on the map — since 2022-03-05 there’s nothing. Even sequences in the user sidebar which are marked as fully processed (with a grey image number label) are not visible on the map.

I concur somewhat with @eserte @asturksever

A recent short upload test 5 days ago shows images on the sidebar and a icon on the OSM map, but no sequence tracks. (green or blue/white) The completed image counter is grey.

An upload approximately one month ago however is complete in all respects. I would deem the 5 day old sequence “missing” as quite acceptable except that the grey image counter would infer otherwise


@eserte @bob3bob3 Please, could you share the link to these sequences so I can further check if there is any issue on tile generation?

@turksever the 5 day old ones now have green sequence tracks. I’ll check my recent uploads when they go grey,.

It is also worth noting that the first image of my (BlackVue uploaded) mp4’s sequences also have an invalid direction.

I assume you can derive a URL from this.

So, it happened again: no fresh mapillary tracks worldwide since Tuesday: Mapillary
(Yes, there are some green spots, but it you look at them, then these have capture dates in the future)

No map updates since 2022-03-30: Mapillary