Current Processing delay?

Wondering what the current processing delay for uploaded images is? Days? Weeks? Month

ie your experience over last few weeks.


I have sequences waiting for processing since Jun 15 (one Jun 15, two Jun 18, two Aug 6). I think, I recorded them with old version of Android application, transferred to PC and uploaded with desktop app (or web app?).

Tnx Eric. I have a mapillary_tools (linux) process video and upload pilot run of maybe 14 sequences sitting since about 14th Sept…

And about 3 million images backlog yet to do! (grin)

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Any upload I’ve made after 17th of September isn’t even showing up as processing in the web app. I wonder how long it takes.

Sequence 21 Sep’21 visible and processed …

I made a report at Waiting for answer.

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Sequence taken Sunday 26 Sep, which finished uploading on Monday 27 Sep around 09:36 CEST (Central European Summer Time) this morning, is already visible, although showing white dots in green line which indicates that - although the pics were published (e.g. to aid OpenStreetMap contributors) - linking to nearby pics hasn’t been completed yet.

That to me seems rather as rapid as one could possibly hope for?

Two days, using the Desktop Uploader.

@koninklijke what is your upload method? ie desktop, web or tools


Had a look at your profile (how do you manage to travel with lockdowns in place; have you really given up all fixed abode, how about mail?), and recent green lines (WiIl one day subscribe to the view from your windscreen : all the pleasure of discovering a far-away country w/o the need to sit in a cramped (I’m over 6ft tall) aeroplane; the below lines are only a guess :

1/ Not sure that the choice of uploader would have much of an impact, because;

2/ those white dot lines seem to appear first near intersections without previous imagery, while stretches of ‘just straight ahead’ w/o many features take longer to appear; this might suggest that during preparation for upload a track is derived and sent to Mapillary, whereupon particular pics are prioritized as they’d fill in some gap, while the remainder are processed ‘in due course’?

Just my tuppence, of course.

Met vriendelijke groet, goede reis, and long may it last,


Well… (Apology for OT)

Lockdowns tended to be more oriented to higher density urban areas. I live/travel in low population areas and was only restricted for approx 2 months… When partial restrictions were in place I had a travel limit of 500km rather than the 75(?) of urban areas. I really have no fixed address. My 3-4 pieces of mail per year go to a friends house, where it is scanned and emailed… Most other formal/govt communication is electronic here. 193cm…!

Back on topic…

I have not had any successful uploads since early May. I was using the now dead BlackVue mp4 upload feature. Since mobile internet costs are high here I have had someone else do it for me, but the full process tools code had been buggy for some time. I am reluctant to have my full backlog processed as it may fail again and have to be processed/uploaded a 2nd time along with the angst/delay at my upload location. I was burnt badly when the auth changes went through last year, so am now careful,

I have never seen the white lines on my tracks. I find the new GUI is not that useful. Past comms with support have not been fruitful. Those (test) images currently under processing include a high proportion of not already covered routes. It’s conceivable that “big uploaders” are low priority which I am okay with, but I have to be confident that it is working.

Hence my question

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Any update on any of you all’s photos not processing? I have about 80 000 photos stuck in processing since September 17th.


Support is looking into my “stuck” ones,

New mp4 BlackVue processing/upload are however working fine

I just discovered that all my sequences under processing are gone. Looking closer, even validated sequences recorded after Jun 19 are all gone.