CompleteTheMap VI

It’s halftime. Still no leaderboard. :roll_eyes:

This is ridiculous!

Number one user on the leader board (morflot, from Ukraine) has uploaded 38480 images and has a “refresh kilometers” count of 4,105,352!!! FOUR MILLION KILOMETERS since FEB 14th! In 15 DAYS! That’s 273,690km PER DAY! Or 11,403km PER HOUR!

I think that’s around 10 times faster than the speed of sound! If the leaderboard doesn’t work right, just brink it down. Heck, there’s no need to advertise it on the monthly e-mail as well!

I am not trying to bash anyone from the dev team, I understand that you people have your hands tied pretty hard, I just do not understand today’s new promotion of the contest on the newsletter…

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This seems to be corrected, the user now has “1,641.94” km counted. Seems more likely :slight_smile:

I am registered for the Complete the Map contest. (potaro67v)
And already uploaded a lot of photos, but my ID is not yet displayed on the leader board.
Why is that? (Question 1)

Ex : Those photos were taken on February 23, 2020.

Question 2
If I took a photo outside of the period but uploaded it within the period, will it be counted in the grades?

Ex :
Those photos were taken on February 13, 2020, outside the contest period.
However, they were uploaded on February 24 during the period.

Question 3
If I took a photo during the period and uploaded it during the period but the photo was released after the end of the period, will it be counted as a grade?
I am using Desktop Uploader. It takes about a week after uploading my 360-degree photo until it becomes visible on the web. It seems that I can receive the published notification email about furthermore 5 days later.
In that situation, my deadline will come in a few days if only photos for which the notification e-mail was issued within the period are targeted.

Those are photos uploaded using the wrong ID (potaro67, not potaro67v) that was not registered in the contest.
I know those will not be counted.

I did a useless thing because it wouldn’t be counted in the contest results…
Below is why I have double IDs :

This was a simple error that has now been corrected. The database stores the results in metres so we just needed to divide by 1000 to get the KM stat. This was missed in the haste to finally get a leaderboard update pushed through.

  1. Looks like the same issue that is affecting @danbjoseph. We’re looking into this to make sure your contributions are shown on the leaderboard soon.
  2. Only imagery collected during the period counts for the leaderboard.
  3. We will leave a few days after the end of the challenge to allow people to upload remaining images. The final results will be determined on the 19th of March. So it is best to upload as much as you can as soon as the challenge ends on the 15th of March.
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Thank you @eneerhut

@potaro67v I can confirm both you and @danbjoseph are on the leaderboard now.

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it’s look like 25ukm?

The UKM update is currently processing. Let’s see if that updates your km count beyond 25 km.

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Do I get a gold star for photo-mapping more than any other users stretches of new roads that aren’t even on open street maps? maybe some Swedish fish? Or maybe just a good ol’ fashioned pat on the back?

Cheers! Thanks for running this for everyone.

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We do not get even a decent picture any more.

If more than one person shoots the same road, which of the following will get points?

  1. Those who uploaded photos that were taken earlier
  2. Those who uploaded earlier

still 26 ukm in tab

The top 2 are quite the world travelers, eh?

##### Rank ##### Username ##### Countries |10pxx10px ##### Images |10pxx10px ##### Refresh Kilometers |10pxx10px
1 morflot Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Nigeria, Greece, Libya, Niger 1,619,302 3,217.61
2 edjone Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Romania, Nigeria, Greece, Libya, Niger, Bulgaria 1,647,311 2,286.14
3 tometome Japan 273,572 1,712.55
4 sanchi Spain

Yeah a bit odd

@potaro67v The one who captures first gets the points. If the user who captured first and upload later than the other user. The score is recalculated.

As an example, if X user captures on March 1, and Y user captures on March 5, then Y user uploads on March 6, Y will get credit. When X uploads on March 7, the system has to recalculate and Y should lose credit and it will get transferred to X

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These users have images with bad GPS data therefore images look uploaded in these countries.

@asturksever ,
Thank you very much. I’m happy to know the rules clearly.
It was at the end of the competition that I was able to establish a way to upload the videos I got from my shoots.
So, I was confident that my policy to shoot video first even when the upload method was not established was correct.

However, the upload of the video I took during the competition has not yet been completed.
However, my photos taken during the competition do not seem to overlap with others taken at the same time.

“Mapillary News-March 2020” has arrived.
CompleteTheMap IV results.
However, the record displayed there is a copy of the leaderboard, where the display has not changed since before March 10.
The entire duration of the competition is not covered.
This article is wrong.