CompleteTheMap VI

Do I get a gold star for photo-mapping more than any other users stretches of new roads that aren’t even on open street maps? maybe some Swedish fish? Or maybe just a good ol’ fashioned pat on the back?

Cheers! Thanks for running this for everyone.

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We do not get even a decent picture any more.

If more than one person shoots the same road, which of the following will get points?

  1. Those who uploaded photos that were taken earlier
  2. Those who uploaded earlier

still 26 ukm in tab

The top 2 are quite the world travelers, eh?

##### Rank ##### Username ##### Countries |10pxx10px ##### Images |10pxx10px ##### Refresh Kilometers |10pxx10px
1 morflot Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Nigeria, Greece, Libya, Niger 1,619,302 3,217.61
2 edjone Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Romania, Nigeria, Greece, Libya, Niger, Bulgaria 1,647,311 2,286.14
3 tometome Japan 273,572 1,712.55
4 sanchi Spain

Yeah a bit odd

@potaro67v The one who captures first gets the points. If the user who captured first and upload later than the other user. The score is recalculated.

As an example, if X user captures on March 1, and Y user captures on March 5, then Y user uploads on March 6, Y will get credit. When X uploads on March 7, the system has to recalculate and Y should lose credit and it will get transferred to X

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These users have images with bad GPS data therefore images look uploaded in these countries.

@asturksever ,
Thank you very much. I’m happy to know the rules clearly.
It was at the end of the competition that I was able to establish a way to upload the videos I got from my shoots.
So, I was confident that my policy to shoot video first even when the upload method was not established was correct.

However, the upload of the video I took during the competition has not yet been completed.
However, my photos taken during the competition do not seem to overlap with others taken at the same time.

“Mapillary News-March 2020” has arrived.
CompleteTheMap IV results.
However, the record displayed there is a copy of the leaderboard, where the display has not changed since before March 10.
The entire duration of the competition is not covered.
This article is wrong.

Is nobody watching this board anymore?
I participated in this competition for the first time. Shooting activities are fun.
And this competition led me to develop a way to efficiently upload 360 videos.
The method is not yet a simple procedure. There are still many things to improve.
But if you take a look at the Street-level Imagery that I created alone, you’ll see how great those methods are.
I am happy with the results I have achieved in the past month.

However, competition is an event where there are rules and the participants who follow them compete for results.
I’m dissatisfied with the fact that rules have been dismissed.



@potaro67v, traffic around the forums is suaully pretty low. Seems to have dropped off even more the last month.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at about the rules. They had rules for the competition that they clearly laid out for it. Maybe all the suggestions we tossed at them is confusing? Those weren’t rule changes. Just people putting in their two-bits worth.

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Hi, @allen,
Thank you for your comment.
By the way, did you browse the leaderboard during the competition?

I remember that there was a half of the competition period when my ID was not displayed on the leaderboard even though I was entering, or the distance of everyone displayed on the leaderboard was all 0 km.
And I remember that the trouble was resolved in the middle of the period.
However, since then, the distance and ranking have been updated only a few times.

Those numbers have not changed since March 10.
I always remembered my ranking, the distances adopted in the table, and the distance of the person of first rank, from then till now.
According to my memory, the screenshot at that time is the same as the current screenshot.
I regret that I should have saved the screenshot.

And the competition period ended with the display keeping around March 10, and the same result was displayed as the final result in Mapillary News sent on March 26.

The leaderboard still shows the same numbers as it did on March 10 still now.
Now that the competition has passed, I know it makes no sense to mention this board. Just shown for reference.

Do you have any objections so far?

Has anyone kept a screenshot of the leaderboard during the period?




そして3月10日ころの表示を保ったままコンペ期間が終了して、3月26日に送られてきた Mapillary News でも、そのままの数値が最終結果として載っていました。



I participated in this competition for the first time.
I thought it was a very interesting competition.
However, with the information already provided, there were many things that could not be correctly understood.
Therefore, when a question arises, I have asked a question on this bulletin board.
I’ll show you the rules I currently understand and some information I’ve seen during the competition in chronological order.

First, I confirmed on the bulletin board that the competition would be held.
This is a comment posted by @eneerhut

@eneerhut gave an important answer to my question.
I understand that the deadline for the shooting is March 15, but uploading will take a long time, so it’s OK to upload until March 19.

@asturksever also provided important guidelines.

The rules I understand are all that can be read from these Documents.

And what I’m concerned about is that the shooting period and the amount of time that should have been waiting for the upload to complete are not calculated according to the rules.
I believe the results shown in Mapillary News were only determined by photos that have been uploaded and processed completely by March 10.

Is there any objection to the discussion so far?

I’ve been working on a way to upload from 360 videos, and around March 10 I finally managed to get the tool working.
I’m sorry that the upload results from the tool were not counted at all.
Seeing a result of “Complete The Map VI”, it seemed to change the deadline as it becomes around 9 days earlier than the rules I understood.

And I understand that there are opinions that I don’t have to be angry even if the Mapillary Headquater makes a few mistakes about the outcome of a competition, that should be no more than our hobby and free contribution.

But I want to know if Mapillary’s headquarters hasn’t noticed a mistake in the aggregation yet, or even if they already know what is wrong and hesitating fix it.

Hi potaro67v,

Sorry for the delayed response here, as I haven’t checked in here in a while. The best place to reach us is always

As you’ve pointed out, there have been a number of issues with the leaderboard over the time of the competition. This was primarily linked to the database that records kilometres contributed by each user. Nonetheless, the results announced in the newsletter at the conclusion of the competition should have reflected contributions during the challenge dates of Feb 14th to March 15th.

For the sake of clarity, I will see if we can pull stats for this period again and I will post it here. If there are any discrepancies in the top 3 we can award additional prizes accordingly.

I think it’s clear that #CompleteTheMap is popular, but it needs a lot of backend work for us to run it efficiently in future. Hopefully that’s something we can do.

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Thank you, @eneerhut,
Also, I apologize for the wrong choice of contact method.

I know you trust the aggregation system, and I think you should trust your staff and the system.
However, in my eyes and memory, the leaderboard tally and the results on Mapillary News have stopped still before March 10.
Please check it out.

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I checked the API again to pull stats for the challenge dates. The rankings for the top 3 were the same, although the numbers shifted higher. Probably explained by remaining uploads getting processed.

A bit of shuffling for spots 4 and 5.

username UKM
morflot 3437.79
edjone 2664.66
tometome 2119.02
edwrddp 1892.82
sapozhnik 1529.91
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Thank you for revalidating.
And what I also want to know is my own correct status in the competition.

Your score shows 310.8 unique kilometres for these same dates.

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Hi, @eneerhut. Thank you for the information.
But do you think the distance I shot was 310.8 unique kilometres, even after looking at this map?
I’ve heard that the upload deadline is March 19th. Is the information valid?

The URL from which this image is based is as follows.

These are my photos taken during the competition. This URL is a scaled version of the link for my work obtained from the leaderboard.[]=potaro67v&lat=33.31287535136383&lng=132.72666526250373&z=6.678289920315524

I tried to show how far 310km is on Google Maps.,132.8734909/35.1003297,133.7839909/@33.2944186,132.524569,7.75z/data=!4m34!4m33!1m30!3m4!1m2!1d133.187606!2d34.4605838!3s0x35510211e94e840b:0xe366946221558aa6!3m4!1m2!1d133.1842617!2d35.4873814!3s0x3556fe2e1a4a99ef:0x68244f1eb37c5f83!3m4!1m2!1d133.1573217!2d35.4978485!3s0x355701c9a43739e3:0x17cc018bc381dc97!3m4!1m2!1d133.2134563!2d35.5222245!3s0x3556557876204f33:0x21728014ffd356f2!3m4!1m2!1d133.2292394!2d35.5509658!3s0x35565448c3ae5ac1:0x5a7d188ce29caca3!3m4!1m2!1d133.2457618!2d35.5692738!3s0x35565406f1805dc1:0x14aa5dc5b49d2701!1m0!3e0?hl=ja

I’m sorry if there are some photos that have not been uploaded within the deadline.
I couldn’t find a filter for upload date, so I’m showing it filtered by shooting date only (I do the same filtering as the link on the leaderboard).