Can´t find Gopro Max in Mapillary app

Hey, so I bought the GoPro Max but I´m having the problem, that the mapillary app doesnt find the camera.

I connected it to the GoPro App, set the settings to Interval 0.5s then I moved to the mapillary app but cant find it.

It always says: no cameras found. Check the wifi settings and try again please.

Is there any solution for this problem? Can´t I connect the GoPro Max directly to mapillary for uploading it out of the app? I really don´t want to use the desktop app for this.

Thank you and kind regards!

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I am not sure if event the Fusion worked with the mapillary app before? Spherical gopros are too different from Heroes, so I am not surprised the app doesn’t support them

Is there any youtube videos for this problem?

I didn’t made a video of this problem.

So how to import the files to mapillary?
Is the interval setting right? Because it’s making a video isn’t it?

People on here mentioned the latest firmware added a proper 360 timelapse mode.
If it stitches in-camera, you just copy the images to a computer and upload via desktop/web uploader.

Hey, it stitches in app but it will export as MP4 doesn´t it?
The web uploader works just for jpgs?

I also tried taking pictures and uploading them out of my folder but it fails uploading with the uploader… any suggestions?

So I found out some kind of workflow.

I´m taking single pictures with the gopro app.
Then I take the pictures and move them from the gopro SD-Card to the folder, where mapillary is saving the images normally taken with the phone.

After this they appear as a sequence in the mapillary app.
Uploading works fine and they appear as sphere.

I thought Max does in-camera stitching? I only have the Fusion, so can’t comment on Max modes, but a timelapse mode should produce images (provided it’s photo timelapse).
You should be able to upload pictures via the web uploader, as any normal image - going through the app seems like a lot of hassle

Hey, yeah I found out about the web uploader and it works :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping!

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Ok so I still can´t connect to the gopro max through the mapillary app.
I´m connected to the camera over wifi (it shows in the settings) but the app doesn´t find the camera.

Any advices?

It´s an IPhone 6s but i also tried with an IPhone 8.

Sadly there is no support for Android (I think it would work there, because of the lesser restrictions). Hopefully Mapillary will develop this soon.

Don’t think android would work any better - the restriction is not OS-side, but in the app. There are simply breaking changes in the gopro connection api, which means the old Hero connection code doesn’t work with the Max.
Considering how slow and sometimes buggy the app is, I am still not sure why you would want to use it over standalone capture (apart from maybe compass directions, if they work)

I want to use the App because the Gopro alone just does pictures by time not by distance. This leads to the problem that if you´re waiting on a red light for 2 minutes you´ll get a lot of the same pictures. But it takes too much time to separate these doubles or delete them, if you´re doing a 2000+ picture drive…

And the mapillary uploader doesn´t recognize doubles by distance and deletes them sadly…

I know that I just have to pause recording but I´m not the only user of the camera, so others may be not pausing it…

Ah, that. I forgot the app actually did distance based capture (reliant on your phone’s gps).
Based on recent discussions here on the forum, Mapillary will now indeed delete duplicate photos, so you might not have the problem (provided you have the storage space)