[bugreport] very slow "adding exif tags" step without adding any tags

After the latest app updates, a delay has appeared before actually adding EXIF tags - a spinner is shown and it says “Adding EXIF…”, but the actual image counter appears later.
For example, with only 12 images it stays at this pre-adding phase for 7 seconds, and it is not clear what is going on there.

This is similar to [bugreport] upload while capturing hard to start , but that report focuses on the app becoming unresponsive while that spinner is up. This report focuses on getting rid of that phase, or at least greatly reducing the time spent there.

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Same problem here but bigger: With 948 images (360°) the app shows the spinner for about 10 minutes and then crashes. Repeatedly, also after a complete reboot of the iPad.

It the moment I’m not able to upload the sequence because the app crashes on every attempt.

Previously I was able to start the app with internet off and wait a bit. Then enable internet, and the upload worked without crashes in most cases. Now I cannot get anything from the phone uploaded for days with various methods.

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Any update on this problem? I can’t get rid of my 948 images (and I won’t make any new ones…). App spins for several minutes and then crashes.

There’s still a rather long delay on “Adding EXIF” without any counters or anything.

mine goes through the exif step in an instant, on both older (6s) and newer (X) hardware

Does it happen instantly also with a large number of images, say 10000?
I’m comparing this to app versions years ago, when there were no issues handling 55k images.

I think I’m having a similar issue with you when uploading pictures from my iPhone. The problem seems to be bigger (it takes longer) the more pictures there is to process (which seems logical). For me, it does work in the end without any crashes, however, the bigger set of pictures I would like to upload, the exponential amount of time I would need to wait in order to get it started to process the images.

Hey @Knockerclot0715, please could you report this bug to support@mapillary.com

@asturksever, thank you for checking on this. Emailing things is a blackhole, no clue what happens to those emails - but will send there a collection of bugreports that are still relevant.

This problem still there. WIth 18+K images it doesn’t even get past that step, if the app does not crash earlier.

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Not 100% sure this is the reason, but the app is creating files as if it is being paid for the number of those.
Documented the detail in https://forum.mapillary.com/t/files-files-everywhere .

Hi @Richlv, your bug reports are received via email. We are investigating high number file generation and other minor bugs. I’ll get back to you once I’ll hear back from the engineering team. Thanks for understanding and patience.

Cool, thank you.
This might be related to the iOS app crashes and hangs, and with enough images it make the app completely unusable for me - it crashes during startup, always. The only way to revive it is to manually delete all sequences (connecting phone to a computer).

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