[bugreport] No update of Mapillary track layer since 02.12.2020


i don’t know if somebody already noticed, but since around 01.12.2020 / 02.12.2020 the track layer(s) are not updated. I noticed it at my own uploads, wich were uploaded on dec 1, around 12 MET. They are processed, appear in my upload, but don’t schow up on the map.

Also a filtered view starting on Dec 1 shows no new tracks in Europe, only some east of this in russia.

A filtered view starting on Dec 2 shows no new tracks worldwide

I also send a message to support@mapillary.com

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yes, im also waiting for my pictures to show up. It can be seen also on: https://status.mapillary.com/#week

hope it will come back. It happens regulary but this one is quite long. :-/

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Hi there,
thanks for pointing out the sequences problem. Looking at the tiling service, we realised that it has not been delivering tiles since start of Dec. We are fixing now. Sorry for the inconvenience!



Thanks, Peter! It seems to catch up now.

we should be below 24h now, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for pointing this out @ramap!


@peter I’ve got sequences from November that didnt get rendered:
They still remain hidden, for instance these:
and these
I can’t upload them again, the system says it is already on the server.
I can only see them in the app when I click on the map but they are not listed in my uploads nor visible on the map.

Can you fix this, thanks.


Since I’ve got no answer from mapillary at all, I have uploaded them again, had to change the timestamps though.

Sorry for the delayed response. It would have been best not to re-upload these.
@tao do you have any insights into why map tiles would be taking so long to render this particular upload?