[bugreport] latest ios app crashing

it’s quite strange that I am seeing none of the issues you describe on 3 devices, must be a very peculiar bug with some sort of setting you have that I don’t.
obviously needs debugging

There are days when I don’t get crashes, but that’s pretty rare. The more images you have, the slower app becomes, and more prone to crashing. It sometimes seems as if it crashes more frequently with faster internet connection, but that might be an incorrect observation.
Overall, pre-GPX versions were so much better I wouldn’t mind reverting, even if that means excessive file rewrites when adding EXIF tags. At least it did not go over all files to add tags every time one starts the upload, stall for a long time and then crash…

i guess the upload in old versions is broken now, so alas.

to whoever at mapillary that sent out that test push: it crashed my app. and the second one too

4004, good point, but I guess it’s only upload of images taken with the new version. For those who can somehow upload the existing images, moving to the old version would be preferable.

Over the last 3 days I missed out on many km of imagery on roads with none, in the middle of a sunny day. The app crashed dozens of times in a row.
The super-slow blocking initial “adding EXIF” phase also hurts contributions.

Note on an unlikely solution, but if it helps somebody else… Twice when the app was constantly crashing upon startup, rotating the phone from landscape to portrait made it start up. Sounds silly, but the app does latch onto the orientation a bit.

@jesolem, given that all of the major issues with the latest version seem to be very hard to solve, is it possible to do an emergency downgrade to a working version?

I have read that an update is cumming, so maybe that’ll help here also?

Unfortunately that’s unlikely - the many problems plaguing the iOS app are rather distinct from OSC support.

Lately I’ve been intentionally capturing less images - have observed only one crash that way.

Version 4.16.4 (two days ago) listed fixing a crash during the EXIF adding phase.

Recent version changelogs mentioned upload crash fixes. Haven’t been able to test much, trying to keep the number of not uploaded images low.