Broken Traffic Sign Selection Marker

When selecting a traffic sign from a stack of traffic signs via the popup in the web app, the selected traffic sign is not marked, like it is when clicking on a single traffic sign directly.

How to reproduce:

  1. Zoom in to at least level 14
  2. Turn on traffic signs via Map data :arrow_right: Show traffic signs :arrow_right: All traffic signs
  3. Click on a single (non‑stacked) traffic sign
  4. Observe the marker around the single selected traffic sign
  5. Find a stack of traffic signs
  6. Click on the stack of traffic signs
  7. Select any traffic sign from the popup of traffic signs
  8. Observe that any traffic sign selected via the popup has no marker

Btw, I am aware that this may not be a bug but intended behavior or maybe just something to consider.