Awesome sequences


Same location - other direction



Edited by system, was there something I missed?

@Didz what do you mean?

Looks like it was copying the images to the forum.

Interesting. Haven’t seen this before.

A car driver who does not look left, drives too fast and gives no priority.
I was even fluo dressed and the sun was on me.
Luckily I have good brakes.
This sequence has a 0.5 second interval.
That is why I say that Mapillary should also do dashcam.

Whoa, that looked dangerous! Also, he just drove away… either he was really blind or really didn’t give a damn :frowning:

Not awesome; just an aging middle class neighborhood in North Knoxville, TN

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Did a few circles in the parking lot last night during the golden hour to catch a bit of the mural during the golden hour while the downtown lot was empty

I love getting out and riding on the streets with the water oaks, covered in Spanish moss, making a canopy covering them. Even more so later in the day as the golden hour approaches.


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Madagascar highland using local transportation:
(light is not very good but landscape are)

And lowland:

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love those

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A huge radiotelescope in Sierra Nevada, Granada, south of Spain. You can also enjoy some skiing sequences there.


Is there no snow South West of Toledo ? The biggest hole in Europe is there to fill.
It is silly that the Mapillary Map has no distance scale.

That giant dish is awesome!


ahah that’s where I was, too!

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Boneyard beach

This is a sequence i made in a nice park with my custom 360° rig.
The full quality image could be very slow to load.


Thanks! Very nice.

A few stills from my latest and for a while last test with my YI 360… my car is wrecked… I think it best to nut publish the last part of my sequence to Mapillary… although it would deserve the status “awesome sequence”

Luckely the cylist and his wife are OK… my car not so much though…

A tree stub was well hidden by high grass and such… and launched me… luckely I’ve seen quite a few episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard…

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