Any tips for improving my workflow?

I used to capture photos using my (now dead) Nexus phone, but for a few weeks now, I’ve been playing around with the Virb X. While the device is quite portable, so far, I’m not very happy with my output.

Like before, I records time lapse photos at 1s interval, and collect photos while I ride around town (I live in a very small one.)

This is a screenshot from GpsPrune. The blue track was collected using my mobile, while the yellow track are those from the geotagged images taken by the Virb device.

As can be seen in this comparison, the track log from my phone is often better, so I correlate photos with that track, where possible. That isn’t perfect though, and sometimes I still need to change a large number but editing these are a chore.

I’m on Ubuntu, and would like to know if there are better tools for improving track geometry en masse. Other suggestions to improve total quality is also welcome.

What do you think?