Adding tags to filter photos by quality

It seems that this is something that has been discussed before, Classifying images , but since it is not yet a feature, I thought I would add my thoughts.

There seems to be some agreement that ‘something is better than nothing’ (in terms of poor quality images) and I agree with this principle. It would be useful, however, to be able to filter the images shown on the map in terms of quality.

The system that makes sense to me, is to tag specific problems on a photo so that a user can decide which problems they are ok to see. I would imagine such tags would also be useful for using images in automatic processes. I would define the following specific ‘tags’ for images.

  1. Blur. e.g.
  2. Facing into sun. e.g.
  3. Exposure. e.g. too dark/bright
  4. Part of vehicle/ photographer in image. e.g.
  5. Photo at an angle. e.g.
  6. Smartphone type rolling shutter blurred bands. e.g.

What do other users think of such a system, and would you have different categories?

Yes, these tags can be useful to filter ''good" images. If it can be done automatically without errors, why not?

I would really like such a system. It cannot be done automatically and without errors, but there are ways to detect some of the things with a decent accuracy. People at Mapillary have the competencies to do this, but they are probably buisy doing other things.

If I had the time, I would expand with a way to add tags and e.g. rate on quality. But as long as it is a manual process, there is no way it will ever get a decent coverage. It will not be useable for ignoring bad images, but it would be usefull to find good images. Note: My Mapillary browser is free software and on GitHub - feal free to fork it and make pull requests :smile:

An old thread, but to have some closure to it - something similar has been added recentl: .