A Plea for Sane Limits

The current file size and resolution limits are, lets say odd? To put it mildly, they are rather inconvenient in production. 50,000,000 bytes and 100,000,000 pixels are odd numbers in computing terms. So, please please, lets have some powers of 2. Especially that 100,000,000 pixels limit causes some really odd resolution numbers, like 14,142x7,071 for panos, 11,547x8,660 for 4:3, 12,247x8,165 for 3:2, and 13,333×7,500 for 16:9 images.
So please lets have some sane numbers:

Limit Unit Number Note
file byte 64 MB 226 67,108,864
resolution pixel 128 MP 227 134,217,728 nice resolution of 16,384x8,192 for panos

On a side note, I should mention that Google’s street view has played around with 130 MP and above images. It turns out that there is not much additional data to be gained from 130 MP panos in a street-level environment. Hence, 227 pixels is a good compromise between computing, quality, and storage.