3.119 app asks to exit after going back from sequence


Recently I installed available version of Mapillary i.e. 3.119 in Android 5.0.2 version via Play store.

I have multiple sequences under ‘Upload’ section.
I click on particular sequence to check all images & click on back arrow key.
At this point Mapillary app asks me if I want to leave the app with 2 options i.e. ‘Cancel’ & ‘Leave’.

This issue was not there in previous version.
Anybody facing the same issue?


I have the same issue (android 6). What ever I want to be back out of one sequence (even after full sequence upload), using back arrow in the app or the back arrow of the phone, Mapillary want to exit.

We are aware of this issue and we’re working to fix it. Will send out a new version soon with this issue fixed.